Monday, October 8, 2012

Flea Market Finds Followup

Jerry took the watch to

                     A.Watch place
                     B. Fine jeweler shop.

and the watch isn't 18K.  It's brass, it's possible it was once clad in gold, but the jeweler did the gold test on the inside, where there wasn't any wear, and it didn't register any gold content. 

I'm not really super surprised ..after all I already knew it was probably a knockoff, probably from the 1920's or 1930's (everyone agrees it's old)   Both the watch dealer and the jeweler turned their noses up at the movement being a "cheap" one.

But that's OK, we still got a most excellent price on it, and now we have the green light to rip it up and recycle. And make jewelry.  woot!

The fact now that we have a very interesting story to tell... it's probably a Russian knockoff that's 80+ years old... is as interesting as having something that was actually gold.

Jerry also took in a couple of other watches that I knew were gold-filled, and they are actually worth a few bucks by weight.. so if I don't end up using them in my jewelry I know I can turn them in for something.

And Jerry found a new source for large watch movements in the future.  Really fancy ones.  I'm drooling just from his descriptions.  I need to sell some jewelry so I can buy some!!

So all around, a very very very good flea market run.

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