Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recent Steampunk Jewelry

Made this for a friend's wedding outfit who is steampunk mad.  She loved it!  It's a pin she's going to wear on her wedding jacket

Made from old door hardware I bought at a flea market with a bunch of other old door stuff.  I didn't feel I needed to add much to it as it's so darn pretty and interesting as it is.  It's funny... it was all grimy in a tar icky kind of way, so I cleaned it up... then it looked too "new" so added a heat patina .. and I think it looks wonderful!

backside of the door bracelet.

bobbin case from a 1960 sewing machine

another bracelet, this one is all new parts but fun no?

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AliMc said...

The bracelet made from door hardware is genius!