Monday, October 29, 2012

Times are changing

This will be short and sweet... really.

My hubby lost his job of 20 + years a couple of months ago.  Despite the economics of the situation, it really is a good thing.

He never really "liked" what he did, it was just a paycheck.  (Honestly, most of us have jobs that are "just a paycheck") 

I've always felt that he was underemployed but didn't want to rock the boat.  Heck, he thought he was underemployed, and didn't want to rock the boat.  After all, a paycheck is a paycheck.

So losing his job is turning out to be a good thing, shaking the cobwebs and complaisance,  freeing him to really think about what he wants to do.

Which leads me to my evenings activities: helping my spouse sign up for college and finical aid. 

Oh how wonderfully easy it is now, compared to 25 year ago.  It's all online now... the federal student aid website can even import your last tax returns and fills in about half the form! 

He's going back to school to become a school teacher.  This is actually a dream of his.. he talked to me about when we were dating 19 years ago, and it's come up every once in a while.  So instead of a mid life crisis, he's having mid-life college!

I'm so proud of him!

He's supported my passion ( my jewelry business) for so many years now, and I finally get to repay the favor. 

It means changes though.  Even with financial aid (and no doubt he will do part-time work when and where he can), money is going to be tight.  We won't be able to take another big vacation for years, we are tightening the budget trying to cut anything we really don't need, and by the end of 2-3 years this will take, we will have debt.  Lots of debt. 

It  means changes to my business.  He might not be as available to help me with shows as freely as in the past... so either I need to learn to do more on my own or go to the buddy system or not do as many shows.  At the same time, the income from the business is now more important than ever.  For the most part I've plowed the profits back into the business, and now it will help support my family.  I can no longer afford to buy every book that catches my eye.  My displays need to last longer so I am not replacing them as much, and I need to step up selling on line if possible.

But he gets to have his dream, and he gets to feel proud about what he does for a living, something he's never had before.  And I am behind him 100% no matter what changes are in the future.

Love you Jerry!!

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