Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random thoughts

Some days the best you can do is get 2 stars in angry birds.

I just got done adding heat patina to a whole pile of stuff... lots of projects in process right now.  I'm actually writing this while I let my studio air out some from the torching. Some people cannot smell the gas, but it's pretty stinky to me so after I torch I like to give it a good hour.  Promise pics soon, once I actually get something done not just colored.

Today is my Parent's 59th Wedding anniversary.  (WOW!!!!) My birthday (44 years young) was Sunday the 7th.  It's always been the joke in my family, was I Mom's anniversary gift to Dad or the other way around?  They ain't sayin'

My Daughter has started her own blog, mostly on Anime musings.  The funny part? it's actually a requirement of one of her classes at school to have a blog and post regularly.  It's for a social media class.

I remember taking computer in high school and it was programing... basic and Cobalt.  (Does anyone do Cobalt anymore??)  Remember green or amber on a black screen?  Those where the only choices... green on black or amber on black.

Another funny thing about her blog... I think she's actually enjoying it, not that she would ever admit it.  (Don't tell her I told you)

For those who don't know, my hubby lost his job a month ago.  While my business has always contributed to the family it's usually for the fun stuff, like the lovely 2 week vacation we just took.  Now it's going to help buy groceries.  I feel weird.  Course I"m mostly done with shows for the year... this is an excellent time to book a home show in the Des Moines area.  I don't normally do church Christmas bazaars but right now that's looking pretty good too.

Oh yeah, I may or may not go on strike from my day job.  We are currently working without a contract.  Hopefully the company and the union will come to an agreement that's reasonable and fair to both sides. 

so it's possible we will both be without paychecks.  I'm really hoping we don't go on strike..  but it could happen.

Did I mention how weird I feel?

No pity ----  unless you want to buy some jewelry.  ( just kidding.. I think) 

I'm planning on going back up around 9pm and start working on some steampunk bracelets using  my  snazzy vintage watch parts.  Jerry has ripped apart about half of the watches we bought. That I'm actually looking forward to.  I've been looking into the box of pieces and getting ideas on new designs. 

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