Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Had my last outside show of the year.....

part of my display on Sunday
Sunday, the last East village Sunday Bazaar.  I really enjoy my summer shows, but I'm glad this is the last outside one.. heck it's going to be November tomorrow!

The last 3 years the month of October has been so very temperate.  Global warming anyone?   Still it's been cold enough the leaves have turned colors and fallen, and oh so pretty, even on the ground.  I love this time of year, not the least once we have a couple of good freezes I sneeze much less (  I'm a Allergy girl)

I do have 2-3 more shows coming up, but they are inside.  No leaves, but warmer.  I've been lazy the last few days but this weekend I plan to get lots done.  I'm down to 1 steampunk earring.  For inspiration, Jerry is pulling apart our newest finds.  They are older adding machines, they look like from the 1950's but I've not done the research yet.  We still have a bunch of watches to pull apart, and the typewriter is mostly in one piece.. so I've got a bunch of stuff I can play with.  (I'm drooling over 2 gear like wheels Jerry took off one of the adding machines -- serious drool.  I promise pictures soon)

The last few weeks I've been on a buying frenzy... because of local shows ( Gem show Oct 20-21, Bead show 27 & 28, both at the fair grounds)  and flea market finds.

This weekend is the Iowa State Fairgrounds flea market.. which should be awesome and Rings and Things will have a wholesale show on Sunday.  I'm planning on buying chain like a mad woman.

I am planning on staying up late in the studio ( got to live up to my company name... Midnight Kat Productions!) and sleeping in.  A couple of side buying trips and it will be a fun, productive weekend.

Now if I can just make it through the rest of the week......

my new finds from the Des Moines Bead Show.  mostly crystals, what I can I say?

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