Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Blanks for Stamping

Kelly Brown's work, you can buy it here
Now that the pace of art shows has slowed down to a trickle, and soon to a full stop, I"m trying to build up my etsy stores. (notice now I've got tabs across the top of the blog with direct links to my website, jewelry  store and my destash ) I enjoy making some of the supplies I sell, and I'm very glad to share with you what one of my customers is doing with them, Kelly Brown of Pretty Little Things.

I get a kick out of seeing what Kelly and others have made with my blanks, cabs and findings that I made.  I"m hard at work expanding the line.... you can check out my handmade findings at my destash store in the Artisan OOAK findings section.   I'll be adding to that section ( and both my etsy sites in general) over the next several weeks.

more hearts like I made for Kelly

new in the store.. crosses!

discs in different sizes, metal, and gauge

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Pickled Blu said...

That is my sister!!! Isn't she a talented gal? So proud!!