Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Etched Cuffs

Etched, cleaned, LOS, then metal patina applied, more clean up and light sanding, then sealed with Ren Wax.
I applied black, let it dry, then a cobalt blue, let it dry, then "sanded" the paint off to show the pattern.  The paint is mostly still in the recess of the etched design. the Green bracelet has black, aqua and then jade.
 I had a large etching session about a month ago, and I'm just now getting around to using the pieces in jewelry.  I really enjoy making these cuffs.. the artwork is mine, and it's really just random thought Zentangle sort of process. I don't do them all at once.. I'll do an inch or so of artwork, and then let it dry so I don't smear my resist for the acid.  I just used sharpie markers on these.  I've learned it really helps if you just let the finished sharpie design sit for a good week before dipping it in the acid.  It probably doesn't have to sit quite so long, but with my hour here and hour there in the studio, that works just great... start the designs, work on them off an on for a week.. then let them sit til I have a good long Sunday to etch them.  ( I think I've always ended up etching on Sundays... it's the day I usually get the biggest block of time to play in the studio)

another view of the bracelets.

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