Monday, November 12, 2012

Muse Box revealed

comes wrapped in sari ribbon yummy colors!

Even got a "treat" bag... with my favorite type of m&m's in it and great brass extras
 Every once in a while, you really have to treat yourself artistically to keep the creative juices flowing.  Is there a $20.00 tool you have been thinking about?  A new type of patina or paints to try?  In my case I love buying a big mixed lot, and then enjoy a couple of hours sorting, sketching, dreaming, and making from the kewl random stuff I just got in the mail.

This time I decided to try a "muse box" from B'Sue Boutique.  

Sue doesn't always offer these, to get them you have to email her directly and ask.  They cost $100.00 which includes shipping in the USA and include $175.00-200.00 of materials. 

an overview shot of the goodies   

So I asked... and I'm glad I did.  I could go on and on but here are a couple of pics of my favorite items:
old perfume bottle.. love the bottle.. my allergies aren't so keen on the perfume remains.  I will have to really clean this before I can use it.. but it's adorable...

handful of steampunk type elements.  Shinny!

love the large bezel, adore the link.. I want more of the link!!!

large copper lobster clasp.. the perfect size, like 22mm

resin cabs with fairies.. very cute.  This is not something I would ever ever buy, but now that I have them I'm charmed by them

paper beads.  neat!


Beetique said...

love Brendas muse boxes.

Beetique said...

love Brendas muse boxes.