Monday, May 20, 2013

the timing of love

Long view of my love timing necklace.
 OK, I got this love o' meter via B'sue.  it actually spins ! It's all about love and how much you do.  The cool bit is it's in french on the back.

I got one of these in her muse packages a while back, and it got me to thinking about how timing is sooooo important to falling in love with someone.

I dearly love my husband-- I think we were meant for each other!!  But the sad fact is if I'd met him earlier or later it probably wouldn't have worked out.  Where you are in life is so important in how likely your heart will open to someone. 

So I added a heart that says serendipity  (cause love is all about finding that lucky open door and then walking through it!) and a clock, because timing is everything.

better view of the front

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