Wednesday, February 12, 2014

next up: girls's weekend !!!!!!! and the theory of packing....

Yes, it's time for the annual insanity of Kat going from one winterland (the state of Iowa) to worse winterland: South Dakota!

But seeing my best buddies is well worth it, and February just works out for everyone work wise.  And it's Sue's birthday month. 

So far we have been lucky weather-wise..  It's damn cold, there may be a foot of snow ( or more) but the roads to date have been cleaned for the to or from part of the trip.

This year I'm very grateful, my wonderful Sis-in-law is taking me down on Tuesday.  Jerry can't due to his college classes. Current plan is going down around noon, hit Omaha for lunch and bakeries, she dumps me at the hotel, where I'll wait til Sue and Cathie can make it.  I'm taking the whole of next week off ( Monday being my also Annual Poke and Prod day, where I schedule as many annual doctor/dentist/vision appointments as possible)  Both Sue and Cathie work during the morning/early afternoon, so they should hit town in the evening --- and I'm sure at least 2 of the 3 of us will stay up too late talking and giggling.

Then Weds morning/early afternoon we will Terrorize go shopping in Omaha.  I'm sure Good food, bead shops, flea markets, antique stores and bakeries will be involved.
leather cuff with gears riveted on.  different for me, Jerry wants one without the crystal rivets.  He's no fun.

Then it's off to stay at Cathie's house  (better known as the Littleton Bead and Spa) for the rest of the week.

I can't wait!!!

I'm going to start packing up beady/jewelry stuff tonight, and I'm not sure which direction to go.

I always end up bringing half the studio with me ( honestly more like 1/8th, but I have over 400 square feet jammed with stuff, that's alot of cubic space in a van... and the weight!! )

Then I always spend a day or more unpacking when I get home.

I'm tempted just to pack up chainmaile and do that all week... compared to regular jewelry components, it's fairly light weight, and I could pack it up in 2 bags with lots of room to spare.

But then if I get excited about a design idea while at the Spa, I'll be crushed if I can just do it then.. and I always get inspired hanging out with my gal pals.

sooo.... still debating which way to go on this.

I'm sure I'll default to normal, pack up the entire studio, and then only dig things out of 2 boxes while I'm there.

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