Friday, February 7, 2014

Random thoughts

just for a grin I did a search of my last name: BarronMiller.  Google likes to split it up as Barron Miller.  Someone with this name (Barron Miller 2 words) is a murder suspect in FL.  There is a well known funeral parlor business in Washington named Barron-Miller, with a dash. 

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Blog hop sign ups are tomorrow!!! 
I admit while I really want to participate this year, the weekend of the reveal is bad for me.  I keep going back and forth about doing it.  I probably will because I've enjoyed it so much these last 2 years.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I will or

My boo boo got selected ( only 9 from her high school!) to show art downtown in the annual Student Art Exhibit for Des Moines Public Schools.  Here she is by her artwork, a steampunk collage.  I'm happy to say she Incorporated some of the pieces from typewriters and adding machines that are too big for my jewelry.. we donated a whole box full of parts actually. 

I've been suffering serial burn lately...  both in TV and in books.  I get so far in a series, I'll really enjoy it, but then it's like I hit a wall.  I used to just tough out this sort of thing, because most long running series have it's up and downs, but anymore I just can't force myself to read or watch that next episode. 

I have given myself permission to stop watching or reading a series with this happens.  I can always pick it up later if I really feel the need, right?

So... here is the question: is this a sign of maturity, or lack of something in me? ( faith? patience? energy? )

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Shaiha said...

I am horrible about burn out. I figure that if a series loses my attention then there are so many more out there waiting to grab it.