Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm Back!

vintage pocket watch ceramic face, brass stampings and chain.

Or rather the Internet is!! I'm so happy that I can actually do things on the computer for the first time in weeks without it stopping every 5 minutes!!

Tomorrow is Valley Junction Art Market 11-4pm.

I've got to say, I love the hours on this!! As long as Jerry and I get there for set up around 9am, we will be ready by 11.  I actually get to sleep in on a show date!!

Don't get me wrong.. I adore Farmer's Market and we had a lovely time today... but getting up at the butt-crack of dawn really isn't my gig.  I mean for heaven's sake, my company name is Midnight Kat Productions!! There is a reason the Midnight part is in there.  I just don't stick a word like that in my company name just cause it sounds nice....

To get to Farmer's Market in a timely fashion, we get up at 430 to 5am.  Seriously, do I look like the 430am gal to you??

Some shows are even worse.. typically, any show within 2 hours of driving we will drive that morning and save a hotel for a night.  So if a show starts at 9am, and it's 2 hours away, that translates to getting up and out the door by 5am... so it's 3 to 330am call.  ugh!

Still not complaining really, cause we do love Farmer's Market.  One of the nicest parts of a Farmer's Market weekend is we are done by 1pm, which leaves most of the weekend intact for other activities.  And I love the energy at the market.. and the variety of food stuff of course.

We almost always get fresh farm cheese curds, and some of the best bakers in town do Farmer's Market, and you all know how much I enjoy a good cookie.  (Sadly, my favorite cookie pusher at the market wasn't there this morning... Confections by Kelly They have wonderful oatmeal scotchies and snickerdoodles) 

We get to do another Farmer's Market next week... and then not again til July.

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