Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Rainbow Connection... Chainmaile! and mostly random thoughts

Love love love love the colors!!
I know I go on and on and on about my mechanical romance line, and I do love it!  But I still have a soft place in my heart for chainmaile.

It's relaxing and at least the way I do it it's so colorful!   I'm not giving up the rings!  Or color.. I think I''m sneaking more and more color into my Mechanical Romance stuff as well, but that's harder to do without making it look like.. well, icky cheap.  So just a dash here and there.. so when I am hankering for the full bore rainbow, it's chainmaile I turn to.

I need to work on some designs in my Mechanical Romance line that has pearls as well.  On girl's weekend Cathie was a mad woman with pearls, and it got me in the mood.. 3 weeks later and I still want to do something with pearls.

I'm feeling soooo much better today!! Still have a cold, but I'm definitely on the getting better side of the sick range.  All the weird asthma side issues have gone bye-bye!  That is a huge relief right there.

 I'm actually approaching useful today.  I've been busy listing on both my jewelry and destash etsy's ,   
I'm going to start supper shortly... a new crockpot recipe pineapple chicken.  Tonight around 7pm it should be done.. and I'll have to do do then is make the rice.. it looks delish!   I'm working on tumbling and cleaning up some parts from a  vintage 1960's adding machine Jerry took apart for me, and I'm hoping to work on actually ( gasp!) jewelry today. 

So busy busy busy, but with a smile on my face !  I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday as well!  ( and it's gorgeous out at least in my neck of the woods.. Des Moines IA)

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