Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flea Market Fun this Weekend... HONEST!

I love the color blue, so this is one of my favorite pieces in recent history.
 Last month Jerry and I were going to do The Flea Market (read my 1st blog about it!)  -- not just to buy, but to sell.  Well, then Jerry, Jesscera and I took turns being sick and well, it seemed better to delay the experience.

Hopefully nothing gets in the way this weekend!! I'll have 1 table's worth of jewelry out ( but I will bring most of it with me, so if you were looking at something and it's not out, just ask!) and hopefully 1 table and shelf of vintage stuff to sell, and jewelry bits and books.  

My booth partner is making homemade soap, so it should be good clean fun!
(heh heh, get it??? ) (ok, I'll do it for you: grooooan!) yes, I'm in a weird mood.  Good, but weird.

Be sure to stop by the booth and say hi! 
I made the glass cab in this, I really need to fuse glass again!

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