Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Acts Of Kindness

Life has been..... harsh, lately.  Not Armageddon bad, just rushed and uncomfortable and a tad  depressing.  I won't bore you with details, because well, I won't.

But a random act of kindness made my day.  It's sooo easy to forget how just a tiny piece of consideration can go so very very far.

I was running late to my day job, and near strangers ( as in we work at the same company but not on the same floor so I don't know their names but recognize them from just being in the same building) not only held the elevator longer than the unofficial 3 second office building rules, but they even pressed my floor button for me -- with out me saying it.  They knew me enough to know what floor I am on!! 

Such a small thing, but really, it brightened my day.  The best thing is I doubt they have any idea how it effected me, it's just cause they are nice folks.

It got me to thinking about random acts of kindness and how good it made me feel to receive... and how good it feels to pass it on.

At the junk Jubilee a gal with long hair joked she needed a hair scrunchy when I asked if I could help her.  She and her mom didn't buy anything, but I remembered as they left the booth I had one tucked in my bag for emergencies .. so I  followed her into the next booth and gave it to her.  She was astonished and offered to pay for it, and I turned her down, because honestly the grin on her face when I presented it to her was payment enough.  It brightened my day giving her that -- a random act of kindness cuts both ways! 

I've resolved that I"m going to actively start seeking out ways to pass on that kind of happy.     The tiny bits of happy that anyone can enjoy.  

Cause really, what else can we control in our lives, but those little moments of shared joy? 

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