Wednesday, May 13, 2015

random thoughts

This weekend is the steampunk show in Boone...  Getting ready for my darling Daughter's graduation from high school and then the joint grad party for her and for her Dad, who now has 2  shinny new degrees to add to his Anthropology degree of 20 + years ago...


but never too busy for making earrings!  (Only for washing dishes)

The last weekend of May is my first Farmer's Market of the year... wheee!!

And then I can fall down in a heap for like 5 minutes, as we won't have another show til Mid-June.  Yes, Kat has breaks this year in the show schedule, who would have thought???  

(I'm negotiating a quickie girl's weekend one of those free June weekends... hint hint Cathie & Sue) 

Speaking of Random Acts of Kindness, while we were in the Quad cities this weekend, someone did a pay it forward on it.... bought us diner! wow!

Love this stuff!! We have done a couple of things to carry it forward this week, but telling about it seems like bragging... so just know we are doing our parts.  Go out and give someone a tip for $20.00, or pic up someone Else's tab or just compliment someone on a kewl shirt... it's amazing how good you feel and how good the other person will!!!

Jerry wants more Hawaiian shirts.  I guess it's been a few years since I found a decent ( read: gawds awful ) one for him... hm.....

For some strange reason, orange ( melon actually) seems to be my favorite color today, it's normally Cobalt.  I saw a gal wearing a skirt with little flowers on the edges in this color today and it's just stuck in my mind and won't leave. 

I wonder if I have any beads that are the right color?

Is everyone watching I-Zombie on the WC?  if you are not, you are missing out! 

Tonight I'm making up rings and pendants using watch parts, while catching up on house work.  (laundry and toilets today, ugh)

What fun ( or not so fun ) things are going on in your house tonight? 

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