Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm sooo glad to have project runway back!!

For those joining this blog in progress, here is the recap:

I'm a huge fan of Project Runway.  Huge.

I've not watched it for about 3 years, because we dropped Direct TV to cut household costs down.  So for the last 3ish years, we have had DVDs , 1 tv with an digital rabbit ears and Netflix, when the wifi worked well enough in the house to use it. (Don't get me started on the wifi)

For the most part not having cable/satellite hasn't been all that bad.  I miss just turning the TV on and catching odd and kewl stuff more or less randomly.  I really just use it  for back ground noise while I do chores or work on jewelry design.  I just like having something on, I just think better that way.

And I missed 4 specific shows - Walking Dead, Colbert, Jon Stewart and Project Runway. 

Now almost 3 years later, we are getting satellite back!  Due to needing a new dish, it got bumped from this weekend to next weekend.

I just couldn't wait -- so I've been watching Season 14 of Runway to catch up, and I bought seasons 1-5 of Walking Dead so I'm all ready to go when it starts up again.

Colbert and Stewart are sadly no more.  I'm going to try out the new host for the Daily news, and Maybe I'll catch Colbert in his new gig.... but I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of catching up Dead and Runway!

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