Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Battlestar Galactica and Making Jewelry

Costume jewelry necklace missing it's centerpiece cab... so I added a vintage watch face and crystal  instead..  I adore  redos! 
I came to watching Battlestar pretty late in the game... I remember exactly when, we were at a gaming convention in Council Buffs and I wasn't feeling very good or I was over peopled or something.  Anyway, I decided to stay that Sat in the hotel room and Jerry went out and gamed.  I remember we had a great suit with 2 tv's ( This would of been 2006 ).  So I got Chinese and looked around the cable and lounged on the bed and started watching Battlestar.  I'll heard about it, I'd probably caught an episode or part of one.  I've always been a scfi qeek but somehow I'd missed the first 2 seasons...

They had this great recap show prior to the season 3 opener, which was damn helpful.

But the first real episode I watched was Occupation.

*****Spoiler Alert *****

Kara thrace calmly eating steak after killing her Cylon captor.  Wow.  Just wow.  

***** End Spoiler *****

So here I am, rewatching BG , and it's just as good as I remembered
My only complaint ( ok this is tongue in cheek) -- not enough jewelry in it, and most of it is booooring.

But that's ok, as I rewatch the whole show, I'm making jewelry... and wrapping Christmas presents and sometimes just watching a great show.

If you haven't ever watched it, I strongly recommend it.

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