Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time Lady and early Christmas Presents

I'm wrapping presents, making jewelry and posting etsy listings this fine Tuesday, while watching my early Christmas present to myself: the Blue Ray of "Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome".

I'm about 30 minutes in and it's really good, and damn I wish it became the spin-off it was intended to be.

Battlestar Galactica is hands down, one of the best SCFI tv shows ever... up there with Babylon 5, Firefly and Doctor Who (IMO)

I've watched the show in it's entirety - but this came out during the years of no Cable  so I missed it.  I didn't even know it existed actually.  So the best kind of Christmas -- a true surprise and pleasure!

My hope is this necklace, "time Lady" is the same sort of surprise and pleasure.  I worked very hard to make the vintage ceramic clock face so it sprins like a game show wheel.

Just putting that bit of fun in fashion that we all love so well.  If you are interested in this piece it's available at Five Monkeys Inc Gallery.

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