Thursday, May 25, 2017

See you at Farmer's Market On Saturday!

I'm so looking forward to Farmer's Market again this weekend, but then we get a nice, 2 week break.  I wish I could say the break was for a long trip or something, but instead we are getting our foundation fixed, and a few minor home repairs done.

I will still get some studio time though, and I have some thoughts...... I got this great sewing machine with gorgeous almost Art Deco type tags on it, and I'm just dreaming up designs for it.  Maybe Jerry and I will hit the big fairgrounds flea market, and of course we have a couple of family events to attend.

There never seems to be a shortage of things I need to get done around here.

So I'll leave you with these heart earrings.  I love this design, it's all new materials but I get to do such fun techniques like wire wrapping and riveting on  one project!

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