Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rain baddddddd

Farmer's market was truly lovely - except for the last 30 minutes when it rained cats and dogs and got everything, and I mean everything! wet wet wet.

I've never seen Farmer's Market pack up so quickly!

So my studio right now has towels laid on the floor and jewelry carefully patted down with paper towels and allowed to dry some more on those towels.  I don't think anything got damaged so that's good, but I'll probably have to replace some of the tags.

Most of my displays will survive as well I believe. We did managed to pack away the vintage wood displays ( well except for my clock!) before the skies opened up and dumped on us.  Some Murphy's oil soap and the clock will be fine, probably looking better than before.

The the only real cost is the time involved making sure everything is OK - safe and dry.  I hate losing time.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

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