Sunday, June 4, 2017


Let me tell you about this piece.  First the big pretty aqua and silver Dial is the thread tension wheel from a 1960's sewing machine.  Normally "newer" machines like that don't yield much as we get into the age of  plastic.  But this sewing machine had gorgeous sky blue / aqua color accents, and this part at least was metal.

I've been really stressed out this year, I won't go into the details cause it's private, and boring to anyone besides myself and my family,   Making jewelry is one of the ways I keep sane.  

So I've been thinking about stress and the pressures that modern life bring - and how tension and pressure are antonyms for each other.

Even good things can be stressful.  Like thread tension, it has to be in balance, too little and whatever you are sewing the stitches won't "stick" together and you are wasting your time.  But if you have the thread too tight, you could break the thread, or even the needle.

How often do you feel like the needle is gonna break on you ?

I put the propeller on the tension wheel because life has felt so out of control lately, all the pressure is flying wildly out of control.

She's holding on to her dreams with both hands, cause that helps you get through all the stress and tension (and thread and needle) breaking that happens in life.

The lady has flower earrings, which are washers for rivets holding her in place.  I thought that was a lovely decorative touch.

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