Sunday, June 11, 2017

Random Thoughts

etched copper wings, vintage skeleton key and copper wire.

I've had a grand weekend, I finished up a large project, a couple of small ones, and I've got another large piece laid out -- I'm still complicating it but I'm feeling pretty good about it.  pictures coming soon!

We had a 90th birthday party for Jerry's Grandma -- that was pretty special.  She's a sweet sweet lady and so happy to see all her family and friends gathered together.   Social gigs like this are not Jerry's favorite, but even he couldn't complain that celebrating her 90th was special and necessary.

We got our foundation fixed this week --- it's already dryer in the basement.  I can only hope that it helps my health issues if my basement is no longer a giant petri dish of mold.  Now the stuff they put on the walls for extra water repellent -- wow! stinky!! I've basically had to live up in the studio this weekend to avoid allergy and asthma complications, but honestly, hanging out in my studio is one of my favorite things anyway.   Still I'll be very grateful if my asthma calms down.  The last couple of years my control is crappy.

Jesscera and Jerry got a great buy at 1/2 price books.. the first 3 seasons of Warehouse 13.  I'm currently doing a Bones marathon but I'll probably do Warehouse next.  Course I keep thinking about joining Hulu to watch Handmaiden.  Anyone been watching this?

Jerry cooked supper tonight... crock pot Lasagna.  Yum!

It's almost 9pm on a Sunday night.  Worst time of the week... I have to switch gears from the weekend to work.  Ugh.

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