Friday, June 30, 2017

Earrings, earrings earrings at Farmer's Market

I sell tons of earrings at Farmer's Market  which gives me the perfect excuse to make tons of earrings!   I love making them, and I love when I can make them absolutely unique, one of a kind!   Using vintage materials like I do.. even with I remake the same design it always turns out different because the materials are so different.  This top picture shows a variety of earrings, most made with vintage parts like keys, bobbins, and parts from old phones.
I love making these flower earrings, and people seem to love to wear them.  the colorful flowers are so fun to play with and some I hand paint.  I try to make each pair slightly different, by mixing up the colors and the findings I use on them.

My current favorite pair of earrings from the newest batch of them.  I just love anything with wings, they make me feel so free.  That is what I think of whenever I see something like this.. dreams flying free, freedom to dream, the key to your happiness, etc etc etc.

So come on down to Farmer's Market this weekend and buy your favorite pair!

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