Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I made these last month, I'm trying to catch up on the photo pile.

Both of these are ladies... the cuff is leather with a vintage filigree topped with a vintage keyhole with a vintage picture.  I love the concept of people peeking out of keyholes, so I thought this picture was perfect for this keyhole -- you see one eye and part of her shy smile.  I covered the photo ( which if you are curious was a reproduction) with mica to protect it.

These ladies needed some glam.  I very carefully added some vintage rhinestones to the back plate.  I could have glued the ladies on, but I left them loose and swingie, so the earrings have great movement.

I've had a great  break from shows and I've made some really exciting new pieces, which I'll start doing "sneak peaks" over the next few days on my Facebook page.  You can see them in person this Saturday at Farmer's Market in Des Moines!

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