Monday, June 26, 2017

B-52's Tiger Necklace now at Five Monkey's !

Every once in a while I gotcha make a big statement piece.  I started with the wings and I started to play around with other things to add to them... found this great giant tiger head with the hint of wings already... added a cog, then added more cogs and propellers and realized I was thinking of WWII planes and all the great art that got painted on them.. usually by the crew members themselves.  There was even a group called the fighting tigers (though all the planes seem to be tiger sharks, instead of tiger tigers.  Very kewl art! )   but I did find this picture : 

Below is my layout, before I  start to make holes and rivet stuff together.

Originally I was going to have the tiger head swing freely, but I was afraid it wasn't sturdy enough that way, so I ended up added another screw rivet right on top.
Just another view --- you can see this piece in person or buy it online at Five Monkeys!

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CraftyHope said...

It really is a statement! Love the inspiration too.