Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Sewing Machine Jewelry

First is is a singer sewing machine tag bracelet.  This already sold this past weekend, I just can't seem to find old broken singers fast enough to make these tag bracelets.  This one had an interesting shape, most of them are rectangular, and this time I used a black filigree for the backing.  I thought It turned out pretty snazzy if I say so myself.

This second piece is affectionately known as a 'fish wrench" cause it looks like a fish shaped wrench or a wrench with a fish face, take your pick.  These show up in older model singers, the newer models the "wrench" shaped piece is much larger and it looses the fishy quality I adore.

Last up, my absolutely favorite of the bunch.. this is my "One eye, one horn, flying purple people eater"   I loved that song growing up as a kid.. my dad and I would sing it together ( along with Chantilly Lace, both by the Big Bopper)   This is a singer sewing machine hinge... you know in the older sewing machines were often mounted in on a table, and made to flip up when in use and fold down into the table when not.. usually the sewing machines have 2 hinges like this that did that.  The long part actually moves back and forth, so it can be the nose or the 1 horn, as you prefer.

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CraftyHope said...

Such cool designs as always. And, now I'll be going to bed tonight singing Chantilly Lace (it was one of my favorites too!)