Saturday, July 8, 2017

A lazy but productive day.....

Version one, in antique brass colors.  
I love Saturdays like this!! My wonderful darling daughter is off having fun with relatives, and my hubby is off with the guys gaming for the day.  So I get to keep the home fires burning, just me and the cats.

Jerry thoughtfully got me treats at the store, so I have food for the day, lots of cold pop in the fridge, and my air is already chugging away trying to make the studio tolerable.  I got to sleep in til 10am

that bears repeating.... I GOT TO SLEEP IN TIL 10AM!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

sorry, I get emotional about my sleep :)

The last 2 weeks I've been burnt out I think.. we are half way through show season, I've been working overtime at my day job, and it's been hot.. humid and hot.  at least every other day.  You know Iowa, one day it's really hot and humid and the next, it's 30 degrees cooler.  Or it's all in the say day.  You know, typical Iowa weather.   The humidity just kills me, I wilt, and don't move much.

Any Terry Pratchett fans out there ?   You know his trolls right?  They are the typical trolls, stupid, slow, lumbering, etc.  At least at warmer temperatures.  You get them in a freezer, and they are scary smart and articulate and actually have grace.

I'm a Terry Pratchett troll.   I get too hot and the humidity is high... I hardly move, I lumber in place and I speak in few words.  Get me at a nice comfy temperature and I'm witty and funny and intelligent and I move a smidgen  faster.  Yeah, I'm really not a fast mover regardless of the temp.

Version 2, in silver, and with beaded chain.  yummy!
So honestly having a studio in my attic and having only a small window unit to cool it down.... it gets uncomfy up there at times in the summer.  ( and then in the winter, I use oil heaters.  No heating up there either.. but I'm much better being chilly than warm)

I know know... once must suffer for one's art... but where does it say I have to sweat???

I hate to waste money, so on working days we turn the air on 1-2pm, and it's still warm when I finally get up there around 6-7pm.  But it does cut the humidity.

So Today, since I get to play allllll day, I set the timer for 8am.  as soon as my brunch is done cooking, I am going up and I will work on inventory.

Since my brain is a limp noodle of late, I have a list of top inventory needs, like navigation rings, to work on.  I'm hoping just being up there and the mojo will kick in and I'll make needed inventory items but have a "magic" piece or 2.

Eitherway, I'm gonna have a lovely, quiet, peaceful day in my PJs.

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