Saturday, July 15, 2017

This Weekend I will get these done........

 I hope!! Next weekend is Farmer's Market and I want some new big pieces to wow folks.  So Wednesday I carefully set out the pieces to 3 projects I've been working on off and on for a month or so, and then some quickie earrings and a couple of other things I needed inventory wise.  I come up with 13 pieces, and my goal is to get them done by Sunday night.  Thursday I got absolutely no work time, but Friday night I got a good chunk of time.

 I wish I could say I got everything done - I only actually got 2 earrings done -  but I feel good, I've made huge progress.

 In this pic you see things I'm gluing.  Now most of these pieces will be riveted as well, because I cannot find it to trust glue by it's self.  But I like to use glue to reinforce and sometimes to hold delicate pieces in place so when I rivet I won't have to worry about it shifting.    So this picture shows a bunch of stuff drying, with pressure for a good strong glue bond.  Tomorrow I should be able to finish up the rivets and add chains and clasps and maybe dangles and embellishments as needed.   The little round containers have the pieces that aren't being glued.. that way I can find them when I'm ready to assemble the pieces.  Nothing is worse that finally having all the pre-work done and then you can't find the damn things you are working with!!

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