Saturday, February 24, 2018

From the Pile " Picture your Dreams "

I think this is the "wow" piece from my pile experiment 

I'm calling it "Picture your Dreams"

The front piece is from a 8mm camera from the 1940's – early 50's.  Jerry is fascinated by cameras from this era -- the really old ones, besides being for the most part to valuable to rip up are mostly empty boxes and mirrors, but give him something from the late 30's through 50's and they have some real mechanical stuff going on.

Most of the cameras parts are neatly bagged and labeled and put away for when inspiration strikes me.  This aluminum detailing though called to me, something about the simple silver and white and strip design, there is a hint of Art Deco in the clean lines and color theme. 

The cutout parts of it are original, and played "peekaboo" with my imagination.   I knew looking at this I could make a great piece!

You take pictures and videos to capture memories, and I was thinking about that. The feelings you get when you look at old photos and remember those times. That got me to start wondering about what if you could take pictures of future moments? Of your dreams?

Because of the color scheme I wanted to stick with clear crystals.   The top "window" have larger rhinestone type vintage crystals layered in, the bottom window has a patch of new crystals.

It took several steps to put it all together, here is a pic of the piece in progress.

Since your dreams need to be bigger than life, I found this great butterfly that would be flying out of the camera.  You can't hold your dreams in, you got to let them fly!!

I decided the butterfly needed a touch of something, and added the clock hands... which then made me want to carry out a clock motif on the back -- which is cut out of a old cookie tin from my tin stash. 

I added hanging chains between the 2 pieces of metal and they have butterfly shaped crystals on them.  it sort of looks like the weights of a old fashion wind up clock. 

So there you have it, and if you want it, you can go to Five Monkeys Gallery !

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