Sunday, February 11, 2018

the Big picture......

For those playing along, you know I've been working on a huge pile of stuff since the start of the year.  Here is most of what I've made from that pile since 1-14-18.  (most of the stuff from the pile before that I've already shown you)

The next couple of weeks I"ll do blog entries on the more interesting pieces, and some of these are going straight to Five Monkeys Gallery, but I just wanted to show you I've been working on the pile, honest!

Actually with this picture, I'm taking a break and switching to chainmaile for at least a couple of days.. I've been feeling the inch to play with rings and I got some new washers and scales in aluminum so I want to try them out.  Then I might work on the pieces I've prepped with alcohol inks  -- they have to dry for a couple of days then seal them, and let them dry some more before I can play with them anyway.  So it seems a good time to think chainmaile!

The "pile" is now in it's own tray on the back table, to join the the really BIG pile of stuff to work on.  I'm sure I'll either get back to it eventually, or pull out the pieces that still talk to me.  I admit some of the stuff I look at and wonder what sparked when I picked it out.

No worries, I will never run out of things to work on.  And if I do, there are always dishes to wash ( NOOOOOOO!!!!! heh)

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Chelle said...

LOL... Yes stay away from the kitchen sink.. I love your creations..