Saturday, April 28, 2018

One Week and counting....... Farmer's Market!!!!

Next Saturday I will get to enjoy waking up at 430am to get ready for Farmer's Market!   OK, OK, I won't really enjoy getting up that early, but I am excited for the first market of the year, and my first show of the year!

I've been working off and on all winter making new pieces of jewelry, and the last few weeks I've been working on booth arrangement.  I'm not making huge changes this year, cause I really like the setup for last year but there will be a few changes.

One thing is I'll have a small selection of beaded jewelry again.  Just a taste!  I've been more in a stringing mood, so I'm indulging that desire.  I'm bringing back a selection of anklets after a 2 year absence as well.  I've been playing more and more with vintage jewelry redo's so you will probably see more of that as the season unfolds as well.

I'll still have my line of chainmaile and of course the focus of the booth will still be my Mechanical Romance line.   But I should have something for everyone this year!

No gears, but vintage jewelry recycled and restrung.


Mechanical Romance baby! 
My booth from last year 

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This is a topic which is near to my heart...

Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?