Saturday, May 18, 2019

It's EEK! time.....

My first show of the season is next Sat morning at Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market 

So it's that special time of year that my hubby likes to call my freak time.  Where I go crazy getting ready for shows.

I"m trying to not be as crazy this year... I'm getting too hold for that kind of crap.  I'm trying to live a less stressful life and all.

It was working til now... but now, I'm going EEK! constantly in my head.

Do I have enough inventory?  Did we find all the show stuff from the move? did something get left behind? The tent is getting old, maybe I should replace the tent ??

I didn't make any changes in the display this year, what was I thinking? ( OK on this one by brain tries to rally self defense... with the move I've been incredibly busy!)

Will our spot be as nice as last year?  (it's the same spot, so hopefully this one is covered... )

Will my various illnesses be even more problematic this year ?( probably when I'm honest with myself, this one I'm having some self denial)

Can I find the time to get a few more pieces done without skipping sleep? (probably no)

Will people still like my jewelry this year?   Will my business continue being successful?  Will making art jewelry still calm my soul? ( well except for right before a show)

This weekend, I'm doing final prep, trying to get a few more pieces done, and getting it all packed into the car in time for Farmer's Market at 7am next Sat.  I have a bunch of stuff I've made in the last few weeks I need to get pictured and priced.

I know it will work out in the end.  Or in this case, the beginning of show season!  It's just getting all of my brain to agree......

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