Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rabies tag jewelry

Moving gave me an opportunity to really sort out things and get rid of stuff we didn't really need.  
Digging through my computer desk I found what had to be close to 20 years worth of rabies tags from the city of Des Moines.  For those not in this great town, you have to licences for you pets, including cats.  After you pay your fees, they provide you with tags for the cat's collars.  Since our cats are inside ones, and we couldn't get them to wear a collar short of gluing it on, they collected dust in my desk.  Now, any sane person would get rid of them on moving, I mean what's the point right? You only really need this year's batch, right? 


Me I have to make jewelry out of them.. I mean they come with nice sized holes already, why not? 
So I've turned my collection, covering 6 different cats over the years, into fun wearables for the cat person, not the cat.
Some of them are at the Five Monkey's Inc gallery if you are interested, the rest will premiere at Farmer's Market May 25th.   (or just let me know you want something!) 

 Yep, I really will make jewelry with just about anything.

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