Thursday, December 12, 2019

So I got a notice from the State of Iowa Revenue Service.....

I love my phone.  It has a great feature, a combo checklist and calendar to help me keep on track with important stuff like birthdays, doctor appointments, work deadlines, and paying my taxes on time.

When we moved last February, I signed up for the USPS email summery of mailed items.  With all the package thievery going on it's a smart service from them and it's free, you just have to sign up online.

But sometimes knowing what you are receiving, but you can't actually check your mail til hours later after work can back fire.

This happened to me yesterday.  The summery had a thick looking envelope from the State of Iowa Revenue service.

Thick looking envelopes from the government are not normally a good thing. 

My anxiety peaked at work and after hours of stressing, I was exhausted and resigned to my fate.  I figured I was getting audited and while I am above board and legal in my business, but getting audited just sounds like a nightmare. 

Once I opened it, it was a bill, including penalty and interest.  Starting July 1st of this year, Des Moines has a local option Sales tax. 

With the extra fees my bill is under $20.00, and I'm very relieved it was nothing worse, but BOY!!! I really have been out of it.

I have no clue how I missed it, except for the past summer of depression and anxiety and inertia. 

Stuff like this make me realize just how bad it got, and how much better I'm doing.  Three months ago getting that in the mail -- I probably would have had a panic attack or cried for a couple of hours.  It might have triggered an asthma attack.  Instead I dealt with it.  I didn't have a great afternoon, but I got through it.

And how good it feels to just write a small check, send it off and it's DONE and my stress over it is DONE.  It's just such a good feeling not to dwell on the crap that happens in one's life. 

Dragonflies and


Oh My!

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