Sunday, May 6, 2007

Week 18: Gods and myths yields "Odin's Path"

I love myths... in mythology you find the arch types for just about every possible story plot known to man.. and in myths Gods are just as human and have as many foibles as , well, we humans do. I've had this idea for this week's challenge playing around in my head for a month! I knew I wanted to do Norse mythology, and almost immediately I thought of the rainbow bridge. 1st, it's colorful! which I love, and 2nd, I"ve just always loved the idea of the bridge between our world and the gods. The transition between the godly and the mundane; the spiritual and the literally down to earth. In Norse tradition the bridge is guarded by Heimdall, so I probably should have called it "Heimdall's path" but I figured few would get the reference. Or I could have called it Bifrost which is the Norse name for the bridge. But I call it "Odin's Path" because as I made it I could imagine Odin striding along the beams of light, to visit Midguard aka momma Earth. What would the god be thinking, as he left his godly place to visit earth?

Notes on the construction: Odin's path is a pin with 2 pin backs, 1 on the "earth" side and 1 on the Asgard side. The rainbow bridge is strung crystals hanging between the 2 realms. In wearing the pin you can change which realm is higher, creating slightly different looks. I used sterling wire in 21 gauge square to form the clouds of Asgard. The Earth is a vintage cab from the early 50's, it's one of those great glass cabs from occupied Japan. The detail on it is 2 flowers and leaves.. I picked it because from the distance the details just show up as texture. I wrapped the cab using a modified Eni Oken wrap. It's alittle more uneven than I like but in this case I think it adds to the charm of the piece.. after all earth cannot be prefect, not with the heavens just over the bridge! I loved how the clouds turned out!

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The bad Liz said...

Kat - I am really liking this one! Of course, anything to do with the Scandihovian gods I love!