Friday, May 18, 2007

YOJ: Week 20: On the pond

OK running alittle late this week, and definitely running low on inspiration. "On the Pond" didn't really do much for me. I decided last week I needed to get some pendants done for inventory, so I did a bunch of these.. but this one made me think of the theme. It's a dyed Paula shell cab, a lovely dark blue w/ green hi-lights. what better for a pond? Of the 3 I made in "Reuther style" I think this one turned out the best! Even the back is neater than I usually manage on this style!!
Here are pics of the other 2 I made. Both the pink and the blue are vintage Japanese cabs, and I used gold filled wire on them. I made "on the pond" last, so maybe I have to do 3 to warm up or something.....