Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 19: Sacred Rites, Birth ---- "Possibilities"

I had a rotten day at the $$ job.. so what better way to work it off than bead!! And what better way than to work on week 19: Sacred Rites, Birth. I have been toying with this idea for a few weeks... and the wonderful hollow bead that Jodie Marshall (check her out in links!) made for me was in today mail.. it seemed to be a royal command to work on the challenge early. Besides, all I had to do otherwise was bills, dishes, bathroom toilet etc... ugh!! I've named it Possibilities, because when your pregnant, all you can think of is possibilities. Boy? Girl? Tall? Short? Uncle Erma's chin? Will I be her best friend when she's an adult? What will be her favorite color? What will her eye color be? Will she grow up loving to sing like I do? Will she be a daddy's girl like I was? Can I raise a happy healthy child with at least fewer maladjustment's than I have? Who will be the first person to hurt her? Will it be me? I hope it won't be me!! Can I really do this? Bring another life into the world? Who will give her her first kiss? Will I always be able to protect her? Will she be a better person than I am?

There are a bunch of darker thoughts too.. but through it all, you sit there thinking, wondering, what-ifing, enough to drive anyone crazy, but you have this big, silly grin on your face all the time!
Possibilities is a pendant constructed in 24, 22, 18 & 16 gauge sterling silver. The bead is full of some of my favorite crystal colors, to represent the swirling mass of constant what ifs. The mouth is red seed beads. I had a bunch of fun making this, an evening well spent!! Below is one of the concept drawings I've made over the last few weeks.. I just got the idea of using the hollow bead last week, and put in an emergency bead order to Jodie (Thanks again Jodie!! it's perfect!!) Also is the copper mock-up I made to figure out the correct bends... with silver so expensive I've been doing more and more mock-ups.

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