Monday, October 22, 2007

YOJ: Week 41 & 42

Well I'm off topic. I got various ideas, but nothing that I could bring myself to do. So these are sort of filler weeks for me. I'm working hard on one of the Nov projects, I"ll post it once it's done. Anyway, for Week 41, here is my version of God's eye. The Ojo de Dios or traditional Eye of God is a magical object and cultural symbol of the Huichol peoples. (Mexico) Originally made as an amulet for babies, the God's eye was made over 5 years, started by the dad if possible. Then each year another band would be added until the child was 5.

My God's eye is much simpler and only meant to be pretty. One is made with copper "sticks" and sterling weaving, then I used LOS to darken. The other one is silver "sticks" and goldfilled weaving, no LOS. Both of the "sticks" are heavy gauge, 16 or 14, which I hammered and texturized to make them look more like something someone would pick off the forest floor. Then I did the weaving with 24gu. It's funny, I was thinking of making something like this ( My daughter brought home a God's eye as an art project from school) and I saw a friend make one out of wire.. so I had to try it too!

Week 42 again off topic. Not even wirework.. but I had these great Caribbean Chalcedony beads and I've been dying to make something with. I ran across these huge sterling beads I had and realized I finally had beads that would do justice to the large patterned roundels. I love this necklace! I used Pacific Opal crystals as they matched the beads quite nicely.

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