Sunday, October 28, 2007

YOJ: Week 43: Queen of the Harvest

It's soooo nice to be on topic!! I actually started this a few months ago, lost interest, and then thinking of topics remembered the color scheme of this piece, which is just perfect for this time of year! "Queen of the Harvest" has 4 different pearls, and 6 different types of seed beads. Gorgeous drape! Originally, I was going to add a 2nd row, but I really liked how this looks and lays with just 1 row, so 1 it is!! Matching earrings of course.

Since Queen lacks wire working here are a couple of other things I've done recently from the shop. These lovely cobalt earrings have just the right amount of wire work on them, and then this brown glass pendant was another experiment that didn't quite go as planned, but I like the results. I think this linear design would look great with crystals, say 6 or 8 mm.

Since the season seems to be influencing my color choices right now, here is yet another brown item, a 2 strand bracelet. I have a huge stash of large sterling silver beads, and most of them I never even look at... so most of this bracelet was hmm.. time to use up some of those holdouts!! It was fun to use up some of my larger guys... and I think I will do a few more in this vein. Yes it makes them expensive, but it looks great!! and feels great to make. Sometimes I look at the cost of my materials and it inhibits me... I'm afraid the final piece will be sooo pricey no one will buy it. I am trying to get away from this, as anything that acts as a brake on the creative process is a bad thing. With this in mind I used a very expensive but definitely kewl clasp that I think goes perfectly with it!! I'll tell you something else, I am normally hesitant to use brown with silver, but now that I've made several pieces in the last few weeks with brown and silver, I think it looks great! I just wish the picture was better... it's got petersite, pearls and a few vintage crystals. What fun!

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