Sunday, October 7, 2007

YOJ: Week 40 And the Topic is......

Well I don't really know what the topic is this week, but that's OK. There is a debate going on right now on what topics to use for the quarter, and one of the possibles is "falling Leaves". What I ended up with after much thought is "Silver Leaf" . I made the wire leaf with 18ga frame and 26ga wire for the wrapping. I have these gorgeous silver pearls, really large one like 12-13mm, that I've been dieing to use, they just seem to call out to me about 1/2 way through the wire wrapping of the leaf. To give the piece texture in the necklace I used 5mm sterling silver spacers, and lovely peacock colored pearls that goes very well with the larger silver pearls. I decided to dig out my LOS (Liver of Sulfur, it's to darken/color wire) finally, I've only used it once before in a class. While I like the overall effect, I do think I really prefer shinny bright silver over LOS. Still it's good to have it as a tool in one's wirework arsenal. This is my birthday weekend, and among many delights, (making this necklace being one!) I also got the loveliest roses from Jerry. If my camera had cooperated I would have had pictures. I'll try again tomorrow. ( I think the rechargeable batteries are dying on me, they seem to have no lasting power anymore)

The second piece is for a co-workers' daughter's wedding. It's always an honor to make jewelry for weddings. I'm hoping I'll get a picture of the bride wearing the necklace if so I'll try to post it at some point in the future. She's got this gorgeous dress with red trimming on it. The bridle shop calls it candy apple red.. I would call it very hard to match red. (here's a picture at this site: ) See the wonderful bare back on the dress? The client really loved this huge vintage bead, because frankly only my stash of vintage reds were matching the dress. On the other hand she really loved the more delicate looking necklaces. After much thought this weekend, I decided the 2 were not mutually exclusive, and I kept thinking about that exposed back. My solution was to use the big bead in the back almost like a counter balance. I thought the simple wire heart as the dangle worked very well. You can't really see the chain but it's a bunch of little hearts. I did find some seed beads that matched, and used them with clear crystals to give the necklace in the front the touch of color she wanted. She's not seen this yet (I'm sending her this link) but I'm hoping she will be pleased. I do wish the pictures turned out better, I should have used a dark background, you can hardly see the crystals. I used 3, 4, 6 mm clear crystals, seed beads, and 1 large vintage crystal for the middle drop.

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