Sunday, December 9, 2007

YOJ: week 48 & 49

Here is a quickie, I've got 2 more shows and then I'm done, so I'm just trying to catch up. First is a watch made with triangle shaped pearls. They Have 2 holes, so I bought them thinking "watch". Worked up nicely! Then I played to make the earrings. I really liked the earrings, I thought it hi-lighted the 2 holes... someone agreed with me, as they were stolen at a recent show. Nope not bitter, as Karma will catch up to them. (Ok, my snarky side is thinking ear infection would be nice!!! Karma should be poetic don't you think??)

This piece is called Earth Doodles. Each link is different. I used 20 ga and fancy jasper. Matching earrings of course.

Here are just a couple of other items I've made recently, another fancy jasper piece. ( I just love fancy jasper! The colors! ) Another example of 2 holed beads, this time just in a bracelet. Love the matching earrings to this one!! very colorful, and a spiral to boot! My favorite things!

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The bad Liz said...

Ear infection would be poetic justice, Kat - everyone would believe that!

Your work is just stunning. I love the pearl earrings - they are so great!!