Tuesday, December 18, 2007

YOJ: Week 50, 51 and 52 end of the year, but not the road....

I'm cheating alittle bit here, all of the stuff I'm posting I've made in the last month or 2. It's not that the topics don't inspire me, it's just between sickness, shows, work and family, and the freaking holidays, I don't have time and I"m stressed out, and I've hardly done any jewelry in the last few weeks.. mostly plug inventory leaks type stuff. So I"m going to take the pressure off and just post the last three weeks worth, and I"ll bet money then i"ll be wanting to play and create.. and if I do, I"ll post better stuff then. Week 50: Beneath my feet, ocean floor and warm and fuzzy. Here is a lovely pendant made out of ocean Jasper. I love the triangle shape so I did the spirals to match it. Well call this the ocean floor and call it a week.

Week 51: Sleeping earth, O Christmas Tree, and Decorating. Well what is more sleeping earth than fossils? so here are 2 fossil pendants. Again dig the crazy triangle shape! and the long drop shapes. The fossils are soo kewl, I thought they speak for themselves so only the simplest of embellishments were needed.

Christmas tree.. this is a pin in copper, I think it's 16 ga, I really like this, it's a half tree, trying for something really artsy.. thought this would look cute like on a winter scarf. No one else seems to get it through. I have to keep explaining it.
decorating: I love this star!! It's very colorful.. used 20 ga wire on the frame, and used a jig to make it.. I"ve got like 3 jigs and I hardly ever use them, but I"ll have to consider them more in the future, it made making the frame really fast! And the star is very even.. then again I'm more of the freeform star type but still, very fun!! I'm thinking this technique would make great flowers also.

Week 52: Renewal of life, Fertile Valley, and promise of the Sun King. OK, total miss on this one, unless you count fertile as imagination. Here are 4 earrings I've made recently. Banded onyx, lovely stuff, just totally free forming on these. Lots of ideas are still playing in my head for the rest of the strand. Next, from a bead mag, different style of ear wires. Not sure about how much I like these, but it's a kewl idea. Then heart earrings, these turned out great! Last, another shot at different type of earrwires, I like these better than the triangle ones. There you have it, the last of Year of Jewelry 2007!! I can't wait for 2008!!

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The bad Liz said...

Love, love, love that star!! It's so cool. I'll even admit that I didn't understand the copper tree - might just be too stylized for this city girl.

Take care - Liz