Sunday, October 12, 2008

Browns, bieges and natural tones......

"do you have any brown earrings?" Boy I heard that bunches this summer. Apparently finding decent brown earrings is harder than finding the holy grail.. so I've been working on brown earrings, which honestly makes me want to do other things in browns/ earthy tones. first up, this is some sort of anonymous jasper, I think it looks stunning wrapped up in a bracelet. The earrings are MOP, they are quite fetching, and I'm sure will satisfy the next person asking for "brown earrings". The pendant is in goldfilled and a lovely honey brown color.. it's also MOP. I'll hopefully get it up on etsy soon... it's $18.00 if you are interested. I could easily whipped up matching earrings also.

Last picture looks like a messy pile of, well, a mess. A couple of weeks ago I felt brain fried and so sat down and made 72 cell phone charms. Some of them are brown of course.. but I really did need to make some, I was down to 15 or so charms, and the bowl on the show table looked mighty sparse. Cell phone charms are an easy and fun thing to make when you are feeling brain dead.

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