Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 38 and 39: bracelets

I am sooooo far behind, I"m going to try to get caught up in the next week. It's been such a busy show season this year, but I"m pleased to report I am done with outside shows for the year now. Don't worry, I plan to stay busy... learning new skills and playing ( which is the best way to learn!) with new tools and materials; doing home jewelry parties ( if you are in the Des Moines, IA area and would like to host one just drop me a email); exploring gallery opportunities; and finally keeping my Etsy site stocked up with jewelry goodness!! I've got several exciting design ideas and sketches I've back burnered during my shows, and I can't wait to work on them! Once I get caught up on YOJ I plan to start making pieces specifically for the challenge again. On that hopeful note, I present week 38 & 39... the first is a spiral bracelet made with 9 different seed beads. I actually started this bracelet 2 years ago, and then put it aside... this summer I took it out again and started to work on it. I'm not sure exactly why I didn't touch it for so long, but I'm glad I've gotten it finished finally!! I think the wide variety of colors actually go well together!

Second bracelet is fire opal agate ( also called crab opal agate) bangle made with gold filled wire. I used 20Ga for the base, and wrapped it with 20GA flat. The clasp is I think 18GA. Using the flat wire for the decorate wrapped worked extremely well, gives it more of an airy texture I think. I've been on a bangle kick, so expect to see more over the next few days.... Bonus pick is earrings made with a sterling disk I punched out by hand, texturized and filed. The blue beads are vintage glass.

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