Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Class items....... And Jodie Marshall is my favorite Lampwork Lady!

Last Weekend was fun... My hubby went out of down to a convention, so my Friend Anne, her daughters and another friend Jody came over to hang... we also went to the bead show held in West Des Moines. One of my favorite ( as in I want to lampwork like her when I grow up) lampworkers Jodie Marshall was there! I had to buy some of her beads of course.. and the naughty woman slipped an extra bead in my bag when I wasn't looking! Don't worry, sometime when she least expects it, I"ll pay her back! BWAHAHAHA!! But I thought she would like to see what I made with a few of the beads I'd bought... a simple pendant... and these earrings! I loved how the earrings turned out!! They almost "float" under the ear wire.. it's very interesting effect, and something I"ll have to make more of! Jodie's beads are always very inspiring! See more of her work here:

Here are a couple more pics of components I've made in Titanium. I love the watercolor blends you can get on Titanium! The moon shows this off pretty well!

Last is my favorite niobium piece to date.. a leaf! I hand cut this out of niobium 26 ga sheet, sanded, drilled, and colored.. soon to be in a very kewl necklace, have no fears!!!
Next time I"ll show off a few pieces of actual finished jewelry using Titanium and Niobium.

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The bad Liz said...

I love these floating earrings.....