Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Framed Earrings.....

I made the frames on these earrings using "bezel forms". These are the kewlest tools, I bought a set at Christmas for myself as a Prezzie.... and they are worth every penny. I've made a few pendants using them, which is what they were made for, but I've used them for other wire bending tasks... like the oval frame on the purplely-blue earrings and the triangle on the hematite ones. I've also made handmade ear wires using them, like pictured below. I call these my leaf earrings, but I actually used the teardrop shaped bezelform. If you are a wire artist, you should check them out: I know on some of the artist groups I'm on there has been "talk" that the bezelforms are cheating. I really take umbrage at that... before I bought these I still used something to help shape the earrings, including traditional mandrels and sharpie pens. Bezel forms are like 1 inch long mandrels. They are easy to hold on to, and fit well in my hands. These bezel forms just makes it easier, it doesn't make it less handmade. I still have to cut the wires to the correct length, hold them just so to make the shapes against the bezel form, carefully hammer flat part of the curve so they fit properly, file and sand the ends so they are not sharp or harmful to wear, and then tumble them in my tumbler to polish and work harden them. All of this takes knowledge and experience. To me saying that if you use a form makes them less somehow.. well if you cannot use tools to make your art, what are you going to do, cut the wire with your teeth???? I assure you, I use hygienic Linstrom cutters on all of my earwires!! Using tools as an artist is just being a smart artist, not a cheat!

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