Saturday, October 10, 2009

****Bead Con in Omaha NE Update****

This is your reporter, Sue reporting. Kat is currently on assignment.

This just in, the twice annual BeadCon has been launched successfully at the DoubleTree Inn. The 'bead ladies'; Kat, BaronMiller, Cathie Littles and Sue Wilcott were spotted entering the hotel on Thursday evening with 6 luggage carts of beads, findings, supplies, food, drink, and music from their respective work shops in Sioux Falls and Des Moines.

Without their usual roadies, the ladies paired down to only the 6 luggage carts of bare essentials. This, of course, prompted trips to several local bead stores in the area to help boost the local economy.

A reliable source has reported that their courtyard-side room was the scene of great laughter, fast-flying jokes and beady inspiration. The staff even spotted the beaders traipsing back and forth to the bar in search of ice and umbrellas for their cocktails.

Hotel guests were treated to invitations to enter the impromptu workshop for idle chat and one woman was even lucky enough to have Cathie repair a necklace for her daughter's wedding the following day.

It is clear there is more fun and mischief to come from these three great friends before they must pack up, somehow squeeze everything back into their vehicles and return home on Sunday.

Our news crew should have pictures from location tomorrow, stay tuned.

Back to you, Kat.

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