Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've gotten some questions on the challenge beads....

so here are the answers. Every year my friends Cathie, Sue and I get together and do a challenge. We take turns buying the beads for the challenge, and it was my turn so when I saw these new beads by one of my favorite lampwork artists ( and friend!) Jodie Marshall, I knew I had found the perfect beads for this year! (you can see more of her famous beads at her website: )The faces are different on each side...

one is definitely happy, the other.. sad or grimacing. They remind me of the Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas. I just cannot believe the concentration it takes to make beads like this! I also bought a handful of matching spacers for each face. It was great fun, Cathie did the honors of picking the first set... I had them wrapped up so everyone would get a face randomly. The only bad part is the challenge isn't due until Feb, when the three of us get together again!
Just to have something that's actually finished, here is a recent pin I made. It's called "Cloud Nine" as it has 9 spirals.

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thewillowsnest said...

hi there , thanks for your visit to my wee bunny!!
Wow , these beads are amazing , always thought it might be fun to play with glass, looks very hard though!
Cheers , Helen