Sunday, October 4, 2009

"FALL" and it's going to the Gallery!

The challenge from the Iowa Bead society for September was "fall" . I had this lovely, copper crystal pendant that was vaguely leaf shaped, so I started to think about it, the leaves falling off of the trees this time of year. I dug trough my pearl stash, and I was in business! There are 5 strands total twisted together, using 8 different pearls, and 3 different crystals. The real challenge to this piece was attaching the crystal. Originally I wanted to make a bail that have a tree on it, but I couldn't get it to look right at that small scale, and it faded too much into the pearls going through it. It was a good idea, and it's tucked away in a sketch pad, maybe it will come out at some later date. I ended up just doing netting, and I did the same technique in the earrings, which turned out great!
I'm really pleased to announced that I will now be in a gallery, which is opening soon in Merle Hay Mall here in Des Moines. I've decided this is one of the pieces that will be in the gallery... I've only had it out for 2 show and it attracted a great deal of attention.. so I think it's a good choice for a gallery. I'm very excited about being in a gallery again, I tried one years ago but it wasn't a good fit.. this one however is being run by a artist co-op, so I'm thinking, hey, this is home! You can check out the gallery on their blog: . They put up an artist profile for me: . Kewl huh?

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